Guidance Curriculum

School Guidance is a planned, sequential program of guidance and counseling services based upon students’ developmental and special needs. The program consists of four components: counseling of individual and small groups; classroom guidance; consultation with other professionals for mutual sharing and analysis of information; and collaborative problem solving and evaluation of the program. UCSD K-12 Guidance Team is currently reviewing these program components. Iowa Academic 21st Century Skills has been reviewed and curriculum will reflect alignment to Iowa Academic 21st Century Skills.

Urbandale counselors work to connect students and their families to school in a positive way that instills joy in learning and gives support to teach unique students in the school environment. Students will develop 21 century skills that enable them to be college and career ready and provide options for future success. Counselors work with students to help them achieve and maintain happy, healthy relationships. Students are encouraged to become responsible citizens who show caring for others.

UCSD Curriculum

Detailed curriculum information is coming soon!