Health Curriculum



Urbandale will bring learning to life for every student in Health by providing the foundational skills which promote self-efficacy in developing life-long health.

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Our Mindsets…

  • Health education is a foundation for students to live a healthy, safe and happy life.
  • Health education provides the building blocks to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Health education builds personal competence, social competence and self-efficacy.
  • We must provide a safe and diverse learning environment for our students to engage in conversations related to health.

High-Quality Instructional Materials

4th-5th Grade Human Growth & Development: Always Growing, Always Changing 

6th grade – 12th grade All Health Topics: ETR HealthSmart

UCSD Board-Approved Learning Requirements

4th-12th Grade Prioritized Learning Requirements

Instruction for Human Growth & Development and Human Sexuality 

The administration shall annually provide parents and guardians with information about the human growth and development curriculum used in their child’s grade level, the procedure for inspecting the instructional materials prior to their use, and of the parents’ rights to request that their child be excused from the instruction.

A student shall not be required to take instruction in human growth and development or human sexuality if the student’s parent or guardian files a written request with the principal that the student be excused from the instruction. The student may be required to complete an alternative assignment. 

Terms Defined: 

Human Growth & Development – instruction that addresses the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional changes that occur with development.  

Human Sexuality – the lifelong intentional processes by which people learn about themselves and others as sexual, gendered beings from biological, psychological, and socio-cultural perspectives. 

6-12 Human Growth & Development and Human Sexuality Education

6th Grade Parent Letter

7th Grade Parent Letter

8th Grade Parent Letter

9th Grade Parent Letter

If you would like to review the instructional materials,  please reach out to the principal at your child’s school.