World Languages

In the Urbandale Community School District we view foreign language study as a means for students to better prepare themselves to participate as productive global citizens. We not only provide students with another way of communicating, but also deepen their understanding of and appreciation for other ways of thinking and living. The creative, forward-looking foreign language program is dedicated to the preparation of all students for participation in a technological society in an increasingly interdependent world. UCSD offers four-year sequence of study in Spanish, German and Japanese.

What Urbandale Educators Are Saying

“In my German classes, I like to give my students a look into German culture and language through videos, trivia/facts, pictures and popular music. Once they learn vocabulary or a new grammatical structure, they practice with authentic activities such as interviews with one another or “Auf Deutsch Dienstag” where all my students (even students in German 1) may only speak in German for an entire class period on Tuesdays. All of them do really well and seem to really enjoy the experience. We are also fortunate to have a sister school in Lindenberg, Germany, with which we do a three-week exchange. German students come to Urbandale to stay with a family and experience what an American high school is like and to experience our culture. This gives my students a chance to meet students from Germany, ask them questions and form friendships. Urbandale students are also able to go to Germany every other summer, also for a three-week exchange. This gives them a firsthand opportunity to use the information and language they have learned in class with native speakers.” – Maggie Schiel (Armstrong), German Teacher, Urbandale High School

“Learning a foreign language is for everyone! Over 85% of UHS students study a foreign language making it the largest language enrollment in the state. Foreign language study is highly relevant and necessary in the 21st century as it is likely that students will be working with and for individuals who speak other languages and come from other cultures. This awareness motivates students to pursue the same or different languages post-secondary. Spanish classes at UHS focus on authentic tasks that prepare students for real world application. The study of cultural practices, products, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking cultures is purposefully interwoven throughout the levels. Language fluency is global fluency!” – Ginny Strong, Spanish Teacher, Urbandale High School

UCSD Board-Approved Curriculum

Foreign language is written with Foreign Language Level I the same for all languages; it is the first course for all. Foreign language Year II and III is also a course curriculum that is for all. Detailed curriculum information by language is provided below. Click on each section to view the associated curriculum PDFs.


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