Business Services

The Urbandale Community School District’s Business Services Department is dedicated to serving the needs of students, staff, and community while upholding all statutory requirements related to public school finance. Budgetary and financial reports are presented in this section in order to provide the District’s citizens, taxpayers, customers, investors, and creditors with a general overview of the District’s finances and to demonstrate the District’s commitment of accountability for the funding it receives. Please review the Business Services Plan On A Page.

Outstanding Property Tax Levies and Maximum Levy Limits

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  • Independent Audits


Business Procedures

District Forms:
Bid Sheet (updated Nov. 2019)
Deposit Breakdown (updated Nov. 2019)
Employee Reimbursement for Expenses (updated Nov. 2019)
Fundraiser Reconciliation Sheet (updated Nov. 2019)
Fundraiser Record Log (updated Nov. 2019)
Fundraising Approval Form (updated Nov. 2019)
Grant Budget Reconciliation Form (updated Nov. 2019)
Invoice for Services Rendered (updated Nov. 2019)
Joint Purchase Form (updated Nov. 2019)
Meal Expense Reconciliation Form (updated Nov. 2019)
Mileage Reimbursement Claim (updated Nov. 2019)
Money Receipted from Fundraisers (updated Nov. 2019)
Money Receipted from Students (updated Nov. 2019)
Request for Materials and or Services (updated Nov. 2019)



Business Services Contact

Mary Beth Fast
Chief Financial Officer
(515) 457-5003